Unlocking Stourport's Past

York House

Aaron York, a prominent figure in Stourport society, built this fine house in the late 18th century. Originally from Bewdley he moved to Stourport at the beginning of the canal boom. He became a Wharfinger, owner of a wharf, and boat builder. Not only is the house named after him but also the street in which it is situated.

Like many merchants of the time he wanted a house which allowed him to keep an eye on his workforce!! What better place than York House commanding as it does an excellent view of the basins. It is said many of the houses on the basin side of York Street had cellars to store goods with tunnels running from them to the basins below.

Aaron York was a keen supporter and friend of John Wesley. It is believed he was instrumental in having the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel built in Parks Passage.

Since Aaron York's time the house has had many owners. In 1873 it was in the possession of Arnold C Rogers. The 1891 census shows it registered to George Masterman, Doctor of Medicine, while in 1930 it was owned by a Dr MacArthur. It is currently a very busy doctors surgery.

 York House in York Street

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