Unlocking Stourport's Past

Raven Street

RAVEN STREET, also previously known as White Raven Street (after the White Raven Public House), Bennett Street, Aylesbury Steet and nicknamed Pudding Bag Lane. Listed on the 1801 Census most of the buildings were constructed circa 1750 and are of hand made bricks with narrow bonding.

In 2006 a one way street connecting Bridge Street and St. Martins Way(leading to Civic Centre) and used by locals as a short cut,to avoid traffic in a very congested town centre, as it connects with New Street and subsequently Moorhall Lane and Lickhill Road. (photograph taken 2006)
Map highlights Raven Street in turquoise and Coopers Lane in red
(photograph taken 2006) r2c2
This page researched and all original photographs and illustrations by Margaret Cook
This page last updated 17 January 2007

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