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Mart Lane

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1 Mart Lane

  • -1950's Shop (General Store) Proprietor Mrs Jones. It is said that the top floor was known as the 'Flare Loft'
  • 1962 - 1990's HQ 'Territax' Taxis
  • 1997 Main windows replaced and became residential property.
  • 2005 Residential property 'Little End Cottage' Not currently listed but adjoins listed terrace.

Crane on basin looking up to Lion Hill Severn Valley Boat Centre
Victorian Post Box
Basin wall looking down towards The Tontine
Banner Sign on upper floor reads London Midland and Scottish Railway

  • 1802 No building shown on James Sherriff Plan.
  • 1849 Building shown on Plan of the Chapelery of Lower Mitton.
  • 1922 Depot for London Midland Scottish (LMS) Railway. Handled vinegar from Holbrooks Brewery in Cheapside and carpets from T Bond Worths Mill in Severn Road. Waterside, a canopy was positioned over the white lintel abovel the cental lower window (now the shop front).
  • 2005 Boat Chandlery.
 View of Chandlery from Basin

1 Severnside
Originally there was an exterior staircase from double doors to door on upper floor
  • 1802 Building appears on James Sherriff Plan. The building was originally built as stables. At the rear was a forge and a manure pit.
  • -1960's It had an exterior staircase, positioned to the right of the double doors, which ran up to a platform in front of the door on the upper floor.
  • 1974 Interior staircase installed at the gable end.
  • 1992 Slate roof restored and re-hung.
  • Lower floor- British Waterways Depot.
gable end view

The Tontine
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