Unlocking Stourport's Past

1 Lichfield Street

Isaac Wedley's STOURPORT Its Rise, Decline & Final Triumph, K. Shuttle 4.11.1933, gives a recollection of this building.

He is describing the Stourport Savings Bank founded soon after 1810: 'For some time the bank was held in a temporary office in York Street and then removed to a small room at the corner of Mart Lane (still standing), where it was opened for one hour every Wednesday. The first actuary was Mr Thomas Tyler, who lived opposite the bank in the first house off Lichfield Street (1 Lichfield Sreet), its big front bay windows being filled with flowering plants of all descriptions, but the interior of the double-fronted shop contained counters and desks, and old-fashioned tea-caddies numbered with big gold letters, which held the various kinds of tea dear to our forefathers; green, black, Indian, Ceylon and Chinese varieties.'

Number 1 Lichfield Street is currently a restaurant.

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