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9 & 10 Raven Street

9 & 10 Raven Street
Opened before 1841 and known as The White Raven according to the census of that Year it was inhabited by William Onslow and his wife Mary. According to the 1891 Census No 9 Alice Cole, Widow was the Licensed Viticular. She lived there with her son, two daughters and a servant.

The splendid Georgian three storey facade remains to this day and still has its three of its original sash windows with 16 panes plus two blanked out windows which actually scale across the two properties, indicating that at some time this was used as one building although the two Georgian Front doors do not look as if they are an addition.

Closed as a Pub on 5th January 1907 after a renewal licence was refused on the grounds of redundancy .(History of Stourport Pubs, (John C Cook)

Probable record of Licence Holders.Stourport Pubs(John C.Cook)

  • William Anslow 1841
  • William Anslow 1854 to 1868
  • Mary Anslow 1872 to 1890 (it is known she was licencee in 1869)
  • Alice Cole 1890 to 1897
  • Charles Woore 1897 to 1907
It is known there was a meeting room in The White Raven Pub used as a Mission Room for Roman Catholics. There was no Roman Catholic Church in Stourport before 1811 - they had to travel to St. Ambrose in Kidderminster.The first Mass actually took place in Miss Randles Tea Room, Bridge Street.

Nowadays 9 and 10 are both private residence.

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