Unlocking Stourport's Past

11 & 11a Raven Street

11 & 11 A Raven Street Side view showing signs of external staircase
The frontages of this building have been completely rebuilt in the 1960ís with modern brick although the side elevation remains built with old engineering brick with narrow bonding.

11a is now used for a domestic dwelling but was originally built as an Art Gallery and Picture Framing Shop. Number 11 is used for domestic residence upstairs and Markís Fishing Tackle Shop is on the ground floor, a very popular shop with its close proximity to the River Severn.

The side elevation of the Fishing Tackle Shop shows evidence of an outside staircase and side door with lifting equipment on the end gable.

The Census of 1891 shows no evidence of occupation of No 11 although local knowledge states it was used as a Bakery and also a Painter and Decorators. The new wall adjoining the property was also built in the 1960ís and was known to have a cobbled yard at the rear of the building. This wall has evidence of being bricked up at an even later period and it was probably a shop or office window and doorway, thought to have been an office of a local builder and certainly a franchise used by Roger Constance, Sand and Gravel Quarry.

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